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As promised, I will be announcing the 3 lucky winners for the CollarxMalice Giveaway!

They are:

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Please email me at samuelmartinez122698@gmail.com to arrange shipment details.

If you didn’t win, don’t feel sad. Stay tuned, I might do more giveaways!


Giveaway Update 

This is regarding the CollarxMalice giveaway which was supposed to end today, and I was supposed to announce the winners tomorrow.

However, I won’t be able to get good Internet tomorrow……until the 10th October. Therefore…


And I will announce the winners on 11th October 2017.

Sorry for the delay, and again, good luck to all!



Since I enjoyed Collar x Malice so much, I decided to do a giveaway of 3 copies of the game!

This giveaway is international and I will cover all shipping fees. Just “like” this post, “comment” on it, “reblog” it (not sure if reblogging is still a thing or not, if it is not, just ignore it) and be “subscribed” to this WordPress to enter, I guess. Winners will be drawn randomly.

It will end on 1st October 2017 (16:00 Japan time), and I will announce the winners the next day (2nd October 2017).

Good luck! 


Otomate Party 2017

I planned a “one month Japan trip” for me and my wife, and who knew, Otomate Party was around the corner, so I bought us tickets!

Here is my experience with Otomate Party 2017:


I didn’t know which day my wife wanted to go, so I ended up getting us the tickets for both days, which is three concerts in total. Let me tell you, don’t buy all three concerts, unless you have great stamina or think you are able to power through it with “fangirl energy”. I was exhausted, just from lining up to buy merchandise (we had to start lining up fairly early too, or else we won’t have anything to buy!).

My wife bought all her 2D “husbando”(s) while I bought all the Sissy related things available (including the gigantic Sissy plush worth 20,000 yen that I pre-ordered, yes I admit I love this corgi a little too much).
We met some very friendly people there too, one of the girls gave me her additional Sissy plush from Otomate Party 2016, because its sold out (I am eternally grateful).


Before the event started, my wife explained to me what each games were about (aside the ones I know like Code:Realize and Collar X Malice), and that produced some oddly funny conversations:

Wife: Klap is a game where you play as a human teacher, disciplining youkai (Japanese monsters and ghouls) students-
Me: Oh, so its educationa-
Wife: by whipping them.
Me: Excuse me?
Wife: Yeah, you can whip them, with various items too, the sequel even allows you to whip them with an oden (Japanese food).
Me: And do you play this game?
Wife: I love it, its one of my favorites!
Me: I don’t know what to feel……

Wife: What if they pick you (in the ballet of the mini game corner) later? What are you going to tell them?
Me: Tell me how to say “Please let Sissy have more screen time, please.” in Japanese.
Wife: It is unlikely they will listen though since Sissy is a corgi and not a “ikemen” (pretty boy).
Me: Hmm
Wife: ?
Me: So, what if Sissy became a pretty boy, so there are CGs where they can cuddle as humans, but there is an option to see it as Cardia and Sissy cuddling?
Wife: Otomate should hire you honestly.

Me: I am glad we managed to get all the Sissy merchandise.
Wife: What if we didn’t go to Otomate party, and missed out on the merchandise?
Me: Invent a time machine to go back in time.
Wife: There is always Otamart (Japan Ebay) you know?
Me: Oh, that is fine too.

Also, it is worth mentioning that my wife translated live to me everything the voice actors said, in French. Someone needs to hire her as a translator, because i think that is pretty impressive! I asked if it would make the experience less pleasant for her since she can’t purely enjoy the concert, but she said it was all good, and I could laugh with her when hilarious parts come up.

Side note:
Games that I think are interesting that needs an English version:
1) Yukyuu no Tearblade ~Lost Chronicle~
-because it has giant robots and it looked very interesting.
2) Klap ~Kind Love and Punish~
-I kind of want to slap a pretty boy with oden, sure it is weird but……you understand, right?


Was it exhausting? Yes. But did I regret it? No! It was a great experience, and I made my wife happy, so win-win! (Also, I got all the Sissy merchandise, so all the “waiting in line” was worth it).
Advice: If you are not like my wife, who plays ALL the games that are performing, just go to the ones that you know, going to all three concerts is very tiring, and you might not be able to enjoy it fully. Also, please do go early if you want to get the merchandise you want, they sell out fairly quick, and I think they don’t plan to re-sell them later. Buy a light stick too, so when your favorite voice actor (Toriumi Kousuke for my wife) comes out, you can support him.

Thank you again for reading till the end, see you in my next post!




Collar X Malice Review

After playing Code:Realize ~Guardian of Rebirth~, I picked up another game by the same company:

Collar X Malice

Unlike Code:Realize (insert shameless advertising) , this is a ‘modern’ setting- the 21st century, Japan, Shinjuku. Our heroine this time, Hoshino Ichika, is a rookie police officer that works at the Special Regions Crime Prevention Office, which is a department made just for “X-Day“.

What is “X-Day“?



From the 1st of April, some serial killer has been going on a killing spree, killing a bunch of people. However, the victims are all from Shinjuku, no where else. Only a coin and a roman number is left behind the crime scene. The coin is not some 100 Japanese Yen, but a mysterious gold coin with a cat silhouette on it.


As for the roman number, it differs for each case, and is like a “coundown”, where the first case is ‘IX (9)’ and the second one is ‘VIII (8)’……you get the idea.


This “countdown” is the countdown to “X-Day”, but no one is sure what will happen on X-Day.
In September, the government realized things weren’t getting any better so it decided a lock down for Shinjuku would be the wisest decision (no it isn’t, I will go in detail later). Also, they decided to give everyone above 20 a gun for them to protect themselves (again, not a wise decision).

After the lengthy text wall, let’s spice things up with:


My Top 10(s):

  1. Best cat cosplay: Shiraishi Kageyuki (I am pretty sure they are going to sell the hairpins and necktie clip very soon)
  2. Best donut-eater: Sasazuka Takeru (just take him to a all-you-can-eat donut place, he will bankrupt the place in an hour)
  3. Best friend: Saeki Yuzuru (he is the supportive friend that listen to all your problems and is just there for you when you need them, but they also tend to get drunk very easily, and you need to carry them back home)
  4. Best CG: the one where Ichika grabs Shiraishi’s tie to make him listen to her
  5. Most mysterious hairstyle: Hoshino Ichika (I have no idea what is going on in there, and I don’t really want to know)
  6. Character-I-hoped-existed: A police dog or at least Ichika having a pet dog (preferably a corgi)
  7. The most weird-but-cool costume: Isshiki Yasuhiro (I guess it is normal for a rock band singer?)
  8. Best Scene: the very cool opening scene, where everyone is freaking out because of X-Day.
  9. Best sub-character: (Female) Sakuragawa Kotoho (She helps out Ichika a lot,                                                    although not 100% voluntarily and she likes to chomp on meat)                                     (Male) Yoshinari Hideaki (He is just an adorable subordinate to                                       have, and he seems to care for Okazaki a lot, so I assume he is a                                     very kind-hearted fellow as well)
  10. Best ‘husbando’: Yanagi Aiji (He cooks, he cleans, he shoots bad guys, what more do                                you want?)
    (However in terms of my best main male character, its Shiraishi                                     Kageyuki, I will eleborate further later)

Enomoto Mineo (aka eyepatch dude)


First Impressions:
The first encounter they had at the church where Ichika was being attacked by Adonis, he seemed more cool and calm. But it was just a disguise and he was actually this nerd that is extremely obsessed with warriors from the Japan Sengoku period. His eye-patch was also inspired from one of his favorite warriors, so you know he is a real Sengoku nerd.

Ichika joins Mineo with investigating the April & May case. The case is where a few policemen were abducted and tied up at an unknown location, they were forced to wear these mascot-heads too so their identity isn’t revealed. Then, Adonis made videos of them blabbering about how all these policemen deserved to die, then shot all of them dead. One of the policemen was Mineo’s senior and he was really upset that he got killed with ‘no reason’. He worked hard to find the truth, but when he did, he was too shocked and guilty that he quit and joined Yanagi’s detective agency, and continued his investigations there. Apparently, Mineo was over-performing at work, causing him to get a promotion his senior really wanted instead. This caused the senior to get very jealous to the point where he actually lied in a case in order to end the case quickly and get promoted. Now there are two suspects to the killer of the senior: Isshiki and Ogata, both were the suspects of the case the senpai wrongfully handled. In short the case was where the victim was drunk and attempting to commit suicide by jumping off the railway platform. Isshiki saw him and tried to stop him, and Ogata helped as well. However, while trying to do so, the victim fell off the railway platform anyways and met his gruesome death. There was a lot of evidence that supported Isshiki and Ogata pushing the victim off the railway platform together, so the senior just went with it. Both of them being wrongfully arrested, suffered damage to their career, reputation and relationships. Although their names were cleared in the end, the damage they suffered were undo-able, which is why they are the main suspect to the April & May case.
In order to find the true culprit, they first tried to get close to Isshiki since Ichika’s little brother coincidentally knows him, and performs rock band concerts with him. They get the concert tickets from Hana, a big fan of the band, as she coincidentally have extra tickets. After speaking with Isshiki at the back stage, they realized that he isn’t the killer as although he hated the police after the incident, he moved on and fought hard for his music career. Then, they stayed and watched the concert anyways to support Ichika’s little brother’s dream. Suddenly the concert was forced to a halt as Hana, the insane fangirl, makes a scene by random gunshots. She also confessed that she was the culprit of the April & May case, and she did it to avenge Isshiki. In the end, they managed to stop and arrest her.
Later, they went to see Ogata at the prison, since he was caught again in the July case, where he kills a stalker out of self defence. He doesn’t reveal anything to them, but hints for them to meet up at another place. After Ogata is released from prison as there were no evidence to prove he killed the stalker out of malicious intent, he met Mineo at the crime scene where the senior and other policemen were shot dead. Ichika, being rejected to come along, eventually secretly followed Mineo, and eavesdropped on thier conversation. However instead of talking calmly, Ogata provokes Mineo to shoot him, which he didn’t, but he still gave him a full blown punch. Unfortunately, this was all caught in a live stream Ogata planned, as he wanted to prove that people would believe anything out of context, like how everyone believed he pushed a man off a railway platform when he didn’t. After all this mess, Adonis stepped in and hijacked the news channel, announcing that they will be killing all “sinners” with collars (so there are people besides Ichika who have been collared). Fortunately for everyone, we have donut-loving-hacker and within a short time, he managed to disable most of the collars (including Ichika’s).
After the news channel hijack, Mineo set up a trap for Ogata, to make him realize his mistakes and to get him to spill the beans about Adonis. Ogata completely fell for it and he was arrested again. He admits that he killed the stalker with intent, and that it was not self defense, but nothing else (like Adonis’s plans).
In the end, Mineo returns to his old job as a police, and lived happily ever after with Ichika.

Mineo: He behaves like very naive teenage boy, and his most intimate contact with a woman (before meeting Ichika) was probably a hand shake. With this naive personality, it is easy for him to feel empathy for his situation (him feeling at fault for his senior changing into a power-savvy police). His relationship with Ichika was quite amusing to see as well, since it feels like a ‘high-school-teenage-love instead haha. Also, I love it when Mineo freaks out after any physical contact with Ichika.

Kazuki: He was a rebellious teenager, that is embarrassed by anything Ichika tries to do for him. However, it was revealed that he does this because he was mad at their parents for forcing their family business on him, just because he is the son, and his sister doesn’t have to. To top that up, the sister was too busy with her own stuff to pay attention to him. So he created this “wall” around himself. Fortunately, Ichika managed to break his wall, and tells him that she supports him no matter what he does. So, he transform into a loving little brother in the end.

Isshiki & Ogata: They were faced with the same circumstances years ago, where Isshiki lost his music career; and Ogata lost his his along with his reputation and wife. However, instead of living in the past, and being trapped in it, Isshiki moved forward, and was able to build his own music career from scratch. Unlike Ogata, he did not let the past affect him. If Ogata did the same, I am sure he would have a better career and even a wife that truly loves and supports him.

Overall: (7/10)
I understand that Mineo’s route is supposed to be the “appetizer”, so not much was revealed, but it does give you enough clues to start forming a theory.

Sasazuka Takeru (Grumpy Cat)


First Impressions:
On the first encounter, he has already established that he is -999% interested in Ichika as a person, nor does he feel sorry that she is collared. Also, he LOVES donuts, and there is a higher chance he could talk to you/take you seriously if you give him donuts. He is also a super genius hacker that lived in America for quite a while.

Ichika joins Takeru with investigating the August case, where some people were murdered on different days throughout the month of August. The only similarities they have is that they all play the same online mobile game. Takeru is actually quite passionate about solving this case, since it was after this case that the government passed the ‘everyone over 20 are given a gun to protect themselves’ law. He despises the law, and it has to do with his past. When he was in America, Takeru and his mother were accidentally involved in a ‘gun shooting’ fight. One of them saw Takeru and shot him, but his mother covered him and died immediately. The guy that killed his mother was charged with a very light sentence since he was under-aged. Thus, Takeru hates guns (he doesn’t carry one around him although he is allowed to), and he becomes a police just to track the guy down and to kill him himself. However, the securities are really tight, so he wasn’t able to succeed. Later, he moved to Japan, where there are better gun laws, to get away from everything. However, not long after, X-Day happened and everyone is walking around with a gun. Therefore, he quit his job as a hacker-police, and joined Yanagi and continued his investigations there.
Since he was passionate about the case, he doesn’t feel rookie cop Ichika is up for the job, and tells her to pick another partner. However, Ichika, who also wants to fix the current gun law in Shinjuku, wasn’t going to back down. Seeing her determination, Takeru finally agreed if she passed all of his ‘quizzes’, he will let her join him. Fortunately, she did, and they began the investigations together. While investigating the August case, Takeru realizes that Ichika’s little brother has been pretty close with a suspect, Sera Akito, for the June case. In short, the case is where a school lab is blown up, killing all the students inside. Akito was the main suspect, as he is the brother of one of the students that was drove to suicide by the class bullies. So Ichika ended up half-forced by Takeru in letting him investigate Kazuki’s room for any clues. They ended up realizing that Takeru was in a band with Issshiki, and decided to go to his concert to gather more clues. They get to know each other a bit, while Ichika tells Akito to come to their house often to hang out with Kazuki (and to observe Akito).
One day, Takeru orders Ichika to ‘invite’ him over for dinner with Kazuki and Akito, as her boyfriend. She does, and Kazuki becomes super protective over his ‘big sis’. Takeru managed to get Akito to spill the beans, and pleaded him to keep this from Kazuki as he doesn’t want to be hated by his best friend. Takeru promises him, but he also orders Okazaki (the Special Police) to follow Akito around to further investigate. Unfortunately, they were too late, and Akito was already ‘picked-up’ by a black van. This further proves Takeru’s suspicions of Akito. They tell this to Kazuki, but he refuses to believe that his best friend would do such a thing.
While all of these were happening, a suspect for the August case was caught, a game addict named Souda Manabu. He was suspected as he was a victim of a cyber-bullying case, and the people who died were coincidentally the cyber bullies. Although he is caught, it is impossible to get him to talk as all he does is play his mobile game. Even after his phone is taken away from him, all he does is mumble meaningless stuff and demands the police to return his phone. Ichika tried to talk to him by asking him to teach her how to play. He began to talk but still nothing related to the case, but just bad mouthing how bad she is at games. The next day, he somehow managed to escape arrest, and the police have a hard time locating him. Takeru, being the genius hacker he is, came up with a genius idea. He hacked into Souda’s game account and destroys his reputation in the game by stealing his game guild members’ items and killing them. This frustrates him and he came to the police, demanding Ichika, since he logged into Ichika’s phone once while teaching her, and thinks she is responsible for all this. Takeru then confessed that he was the master mind, and mocks him for being a ‘god’ in the game world but a loser in the real world. Souda becomes depressed at this, and began wailing and crying, so the police were able to arrest him once again.
Unfortunately, they were still not able to get Souda to spill the beans about Adonis’s plans, because as soon as Souda was caught, his memories about the whole incident were wiped clean via a chip in his choker. This frustrates Takeru a lot, so he and Ichika relieve their work stress by drinking, and they slept together.
A few days later, they were finally able to get in contact with the missing Akito via a video call. He confessed to them that he was the culprit of the June case, and he did it to avenge his sister. Then, he goes on to invite Takeru to join Adonis, as he has the information of the guy that shot Takeru’s mother. So, if Takeru joins Adonis, he will finally be able to avenge his mother. Takeru neither accepts nor denies, which makes Ichika super worried. Fortunately, Takeru didn’t give in to his ‘dark side’ and stayed with Ichika, while he spent all night trying to un-collar Ichika. After removing her collar, he goes on to hack Adonis’s system since he got a trace from Akito’s video call. Sadly, it was too late, and most of the data were erased, along with all of the criminal’s memories (this includes Akito, who even forgot about Kazuki). On the bright side, they were finally able to reenact the gun law, as Takeru and Ichika wished.

Takeru: He might seem like a cold and rude guy, but he is actually quite nice once you get to know him. He might ‘bully’ or ‘tease’ Ichika once in a while, but it is just how he expresses his love. Also, seeing him feel so happy and relieved when he was finally able to un-collar Ichika, shows how much he really cares and love her. He is like a walnut, hard on the outside but soft in the inside. Also, interesting how he and Mineo both think they did the deed with Ichika, when they just slept next to each other, but Takeru was more calmer than Mineo haha. It is very nice to see him giving up on avenging his mother, although he had the chance; Ichika really changed him a lot, in a good way.

Akito: He is a good kid, but sadly, went on the wrong path. He feels terribly guilty after not paying enough attention to his sister, thus indirectly driving her to suicide. He feels that he is partly at fault, but of course, the bullies were the real criminals. He thinks the other classmates that weren’t part of the bullying were at fault as well,since they did nothing to help, which was why he decided to kill the whole class. He helps Ichika learn about Kazuki, and helps their relationship improve as well, because he sees his sister in Kazuki. Both of them feel lonely and not understood, that is why Akito tries his best to help them, in a way, he is trying to make up what he wasn’t able to give his sister.

Souda: In a way, he is similar to Akito’s sister as well. He doesn’t have any friends in real life, and he feels very lonely. He feels like a failure in life, which was why he turned to online mobile games. In the virtual world, he feels like a winner, and because he is good at the games, he gets the respect he yearns for. He does not love the game, he NEEDS the game. He was being cyber-bullied, everyone accused him of cheating. To him, it was not only losing in a game; to him, he lost his home, his life. The second time, Takeru made him face the same circumstances again, he was again, accused of cheating. Although it worked, and Souda was indeed arrested, but I think there must have been another way to do so. I pity that he has to go through the traumatic experience again, of losing his life. However, what Takeru did might not be 100% bad, since he did wake Souda up from his ‘dream’, and maybe he will be able to see the reality again?

Overall: (8/10)
Since his route covered two cases, it felt more ‘eventful’, and now we know more about Adonis, that they erase the memories of the criminals, as if they are simply pawns. However, since we are still at the appetizer stage, we do not get the big reveal. The next route-Okazaki, will give us more clues.

Okazaki Kei (Sleeping ‘Beauty’)


First Impressions:
He is a very mysterious man that appears whenever he likes to, whether you like it or not. Locked door? As if that will stop him! He climbs windows like Spiderman™! Also, he sleeps everywhere, from dark alleyways to Ichika’s shoulder, you name it, he sleeps on it. Therefore, his nickname (that I gave him), Sleeping ‘beauty’. However, as we get closer to him, we do get to know the ‘other’ side of him. It doesn’t change the fact that he is a mystery though (like Saint Germain from Code:Realize, are all white haired characters mysterious?)

Unlike Takeru and Mineo, Kei is still a police, that guards and protects Yanagi & co as a Special Police (SP). Also, because he isn’t part of Yanagi’s detective agency, he doesn’t have a specific case to ‘handle’. Instead, he follows Ichika around, and when she questions him about it, he is all “ya, I am following/stalking you, anything wrong with that???“. You can already tell that he is one very ‘special police’.
As this ‘stalker-stalked’ relationship continues, Ichika goes and visit the victim, Rika Sugawara, of a stalker who was killed in the July case. The July case is linked with the April & May case, as the person who killed the stalker was Ogata. Rika was being harassed by the stalker in the streets, and Ogata, rescued her by accidentally stabbing the stalker to death. (But after Mineo’s route, we know that isn’t the case, and Ogata actually stabbed the stalker with the intention to kill him). However, this isn’t Mineo’s route, so Ogata doesn’t admit that, and keeps on telling Ichika that he did it for ‘justice’ when she visited him in prison. Ichika keeps on visiting Rika, in hopes to discover more clues to the July case, and eventually they become good friends. Rika eventually tells Ichika about her sad past, where she was being stalked and harassed, but when she reports this to the police, they wasn’t able to gather enough evidence to do anything. That was when she met ‘a man’, that promised to take away all her sorrows, and how she is madly in love with the man. She was love sick to the point where she says she understands her stalker’s feelings, and that she feels the same way to ‘the man’ that saved her. Ichika then lies that she has a crush as well, and that she totally gets what she is saying, just to get more information out of Rika. However, the plan backfires when Rika accidentally sees Ichika’s collar, and becomes very angry. Apparently, the man, Zero, is the same man that collar-ed Ichika, and Rika feels that Ichika has somehow ‘stolen’ Zero away from her. As a love sick woman, the most logical thing for her to do was to attack Ichika, so she did. Fortunately, Kei was stalking Ichika, so he was able to save her just in time, but right after, he points a gun at Ichika, questioning her about the collar. Although Kei was a police, and this would have triggered the collar to kill Ichika, it didn’t. Instead, Zero, simply just told Kei that Ichika is merely a pawn to their plans, and if he tries to interfere, they will kill her. Kei realizes that Ichika was just an innocent girl being dragged into this whole mess, and finally keeps his gun away. He also advises Ichika to stop going to Yanagi’s detective agency, as his job is to report EVERYTHING he sees at the agency to the police, so it means he would have to report Ichika’s collar situation, and that would kill her.
The two of them do their own thing for a couple of days, but Kei feels a little upset, but he doesn’t know why. His subordinate, Yoshinari Hideaki, tries to cheer him, which somehow made him realize that he is upset as he wants to protect Ichika from the shadows but he couldn’t now. Therefore, he decides to ignore his job as a Special Police, and protects Ichika anyways, as it is his wish to protect someone ‘worth it’.
The both of them decided to investigate the November case, which is a motorcycle-van accident, and two policemen were killed. At first the police dismissed as a regular accident, but then they discovered that the traffic lights were hijacked, and the trademark coin and roman number were left behind. They meet a ex-policeman, Sanjou Keisuke, who was the suspect for the case. When he was still a policeman, he was being physically and mentally abused by his senior, who was also one of the victims of the case. However there wasn’t any evidence to support that he did it, so he wasn’t arrested. Kei tries to get him to tell them more about the case, but the only clue he gave them was that a policeman would be killed, and challenges them to figure out who.  They somehow solves his riddle, and Sanjou confesses that he killed the victims from the August case, while some other person kills his senior in the September case.
Now we have gathered enough clues, we are able to make some bold assumptions. Adonis is a group of people, that yearns for revenge, they help each other to eliminate their enemies. The police weren’t able to find the true culprit, as the suspects have perfect alibi(s). The reason they have perfect alibi(s) is because although they have the motive, but they weren’t the ones to ‘do the killing’, and the real killers have no motive to be suspected.
The reason Sanjou agreed to join this preposterous plan, was because after the whole abusive senior thing, he became very tired of ‘everyone’ and ‘everything’, and wants to destroy it all. He thinks Kei should understand his feelings, as they are actually quite ‘similar’. Then, he have a face off, shooting each other. Kei ended up getting shot, and covered Ichika from a landmine, so he was badly injured. Afraid there were more landmines, Kei quickly picked up Ichika, and they both escaped death. After that, Kei was hospitalized. Ichika visited him, she was worried but also very angry at Kei, since he could have died back there covering her, so she demands for a reason. Kei tells her it is because he wants to protect someone worth it and die, and he doesn’t care about himself. Ichika becomes more frustrated at him, and they get into a fight. Then it was one argument after another, until finally Kei realizes his love towards Ichika, and they made up. Yoshinari even prepared Christmas things for them to spend Christmas eve together, what a nice guy. They celebrate by watching horror movies at Kei’s place, and after that he finally tells Ichika the real reason he wanted to die for Ichika.
This whole X-Day thing actually isn’t the first crime Adonis commits, it was actually a terrorist attack two years ago to assassinate the president. Kei was a rookie Special Police at that time, and he was partnered up with his friend to guard the president. Suddenly, there was an explosion, and part of the celling above Kei collapsed, and was going to kill him. However, his friend covered him, and died instead. Before he dies, he tells Kei to die for a ‘meaningful reason’, unlike him. Kei, feeling very guilty and depressed, took the advise the wrong way, and started his ‘suicide-for-the-greater-good’ journey. But in reality what his friend meant was that he was working as Adonis’s spy, and died for a very unworthy reason, and he wants Kei to live a better life, and die without regrets. After listening to Kei’s story, Ichika gets very mad, and slaps some senses into Kei so he would stop this suicide crap. She even threatens him that if he dies, she will just go date the other guys in Yanagi’s detective agency, so Kei finally gave in and promised to stop.
A few days later, they were finally able to find Adonis’s hideout, but Zero threatens Ichika to come alone, or else he would kill Kei. Ichika listens, but Kei immediately realizes something fishy and forces Ichika to confess. They then go to the hideout together, where they meet Sanjou again. They face off with shooting again, but this time Kei wins, and Sanjou gives Kei the password to un-collar Ichika. They continue their journey into the hideout and meet one of the higher rank members, Mikuni Rei. They try to get some information out of him, but just then, the hideout begins to self-destruct, and they had to give up and run away. While running away, Ichika gets shot while covering Kei, the latter carries her while trying to escape. As Ichika was falling into unconsciousness due to the gun shot, Kei finally realizes what Ichika felt when he was shot covering her, and made him think hard about his past behavior.
In the end, Ichika was rushed to the hospital, and was saved. Kei becomes mad at Ichika for covering him and nearly dying, and they promise each other to not die. The X-Day was stopped, but Adonis was never caught (same as Mineo and Takeru’s routes).

Kei: Before learning his dark past, I just thought he was a mysterious man that has a weird hobby with collecting sleeping goods, and eats weird food combinations from the convenience store. Turned out he was just a very depressed and suicidal man, that needed help and guidance. Ichika managed to provide him that, and was successful in slapping some sense into him. Their relationship is really odd and funny, first it was stalker/stalked, then they were protector/protected (where they cover each other, almost die for each other, then get mad at each other all the time), finally lovers. Let’s hope it stays at the lovers stage (the most will be an upgrade to wife/husband).

Rika: She is a character that people can empathize easily, as she had a really depressing past, where she is stalked and mentally scared. Someone very close to me faced something similar, but fortunately, the issue was being solved very quickly. Unfortunately for Rika, nobody was there to help her, and when she did receive help, it was from the wrong people. This caused her to lose her mind, and she becomes as crazy as her stalker. I hope she gets the help that she needs.

Sanjou: He was badly abused, physically and mentally, by his senior, to the point where he gave up on everything. All he wants to do is destroy. He said he was similar to Kei, which I agree. Both of them were suicidal in their own ways; Kei actively wants to die for a worthy reason, while Sanjou was passively living his life until Adonis recruited him, where he starts to destroy the world that he despises. However, Kei changes because of Ichika, Ichika gave him the love and care that he needed. Sadly, Sanjou wasn’t able to meet his ‘Ichika’ or things would have been so different.

Yoshinari: His bubbly personality instantly makes him a lovable character, thus I chose him as my favorite sub-character. Although Kei ‘bullies’ and teases him a lot, he still cares about him. When he or Ichika were having misunderstandings with each other and trapped in the ‘I want to die for you’, ‘No I won’t let you, do you even care about my feelings?’, ‘No I don’t I just want to die for you.’, ‘I hate you!’ loop, he helped them out a lot. He is like the good friend the main character has in romance stories, that actively tries his best to make sure the main character ends up with the heroine.

Overall: (10/10)
I liked how Ichika was able to make a huge positive impact on Kei’s life, and how Ichika made the initial steps in solving the July case. Since Kei was kind of passive (stalker-ish), it was refreshing to see Ichika ‘take the wheel’ in contrast with how she takes the back seat in Takeru’s route. His route also discussed the assassination case, which is quite heavily related to the plot, so that gives it additional points.

Shiraishi Kageyuki (Cat boy)


First Impressions:
I thought Kei was mysterious enough, then Kageyuki had to come and one up him. He is a police as well, who works in the crime lab as a profiler. Apparently, he is so amazing at his job, he can read minds, especially Ichika and Mineo, and he uses this super power to tease them. He is also obsessed with cats (if you can’t tell from his cat hair pins and necktie pin), and names all the stray cats he encounters. Also, his subordinate, Mukai Eriko hates his guts and would have murdered him if it wasn’t illegal.

Ichika works with Kageyuki to solve the September & October case. The reason Kageyuki agreed to this was because he thinks Ichika is ‘the most interesting specimen’ he had ever laid eyes upon, and wanted to observed her (he confessed he would lock her up in a room and observe her 24/7 if he could). The case was disguised as suicides, but in reality the victims were murdered then made to look like they committed suicide. Ichika wants to get started on the case as soon as possible, but Kageyuki isn’t too keen on that. Thus, Ichika takes the initiative to ‘understand’ Kageyuki better, by entering the ‘anti-Shiraishi-club’ Eriko and Kotoha are part of. The three girls often drink together, and vent about Kageyuki. Unfortunately, once, they were caught red handed bad mouthing Kageyuki, Eriko and Kotoha quickly changed the subject but Ichika was too drunk to do the same and fell asleep on his lap. Kageyuki even lied to them that he made a ‘mark’ on Ichika’s neck, to cover her collar, but now Eriko and Kotoha thinks they are lovers or something. Instead of being angry at Ichika for betraying them, Eriko and Kotoha actually supports Ichika, and even helps her with winning Kageyuki over. So, Ichika begins to go to Kageyuki’s house often to improve their relationship and discuss about the case. They sometimes fight because Kageyuki doesn’t know how to communicate with people, but with time, they were able to work things through, and it made their bond stronger. One day, Kageyuki randomly tells Ichika he is no longer interested in her, and this made Ichika really upset and angry. She pulls his tie and demands he explains his real feelings, where he finally admits defeat, and confesses that he likes her (the best CG as Ichika looked so cool).
As all of these were happening, Ichika was trying to get in contact with one of the people involved in the September & October case, Takeuchi. She finally agrees to meet Ichika face to face after Ichika knocked on her door and talks to her via intercom numerous times. Takeuchi tells Ichika about the case where a teacher was drove to murder-suicide by her students. The teacher was Takeuchi’s college, and she saw her getting abused mentally by her students, but she wasn’t able to do anything as the student’s parents were big donors to the school. The teacher was eventually fired due to the students, and she became very depressed and suicidal. She decided that she wanted to take her own life, along with her twin children, Suzune and Shion. Luckily, their father was there to stop the twins from being killed, but he sacrificed instead, and the teacher committed suicide soon after. Takeuchi feels very guilty for indirectly killing her friend, and causing so much distress to the twins. She then tells Ichika that she is the culprit to the September & October case, where the students that drove the teacher to suicide and the teachers that didn’t help or were bribed, were murdered and staged as a suicide. However, Kageyuki felt things were out of place, and he was right since Takeuchi was actually covering up for Suzune and Shion, and they were the real culprit. She feels fully responsible for the twins actions, as she was the one that told them about their mother, which caused them to join Adonis and thus committing the crime. Later, they find the twins, but they were both armed with guns, so Kageyuki started to ask them about their side of the story to distract them. The twins were being adopted by their grandparents, but they just did it because they had to, and no one gave them the love they needed. They were often looked down on as well, because their mother was a murderer. This was when Suzune developed a personality disorder, where there is a more aggressive personality that lives inside her. She developed this personality to protect Shion and herself. Once Takauchi tells them the truth, the aggressive personality decided to join Adonis to avenge their mother, and that is why they are here today. They also confess they did this partly because they knew Takeuchi felt guilty of ruining their lives indirectly, and they wanted to show Takeuchi that she wasn’t at fault. Finally, the three hug and they were being escorted to the police station by Ichika and Kageyuki. But unfortunately, the same thing happens with Akito and Souda in Takeru’s route, and the twins have their memories erased, so they lost the opportunity to ask them about Adonis.
After all the stress and work, Kageyuki and Ichika just chill-ed, and became even more closer to one another. He admits to her that he was not the cold-heart-ed person he was, and that she changed her for the better. Just then, Adonis ruined the moment, by threatening Ichika to join them in three days. However, on the next day, Kageyuki suddenly disappeared and he was caught on a security camera murdering Mikuni Rei. The police started to question them, since they are Kageyuki’s acquaintances, but they were very confused as well. While they were busy looking for Kageyuki, some bombs in Yanagi’s agency  went off, along with sleeping gas. When Ichika wakes up, she finds herself at an unknown place with Kageyuki. He explains to her that he kidnapped her to Adonis’s secret hideout, and that he is actually a spy planted by Adonis. Kageyuki was actually an orphaned child that was raised by Adonis. His sole purpose of living was basically to work for Adonis as a slave/spy, thus the only ‘name’ he has is No.14, ‘Shiraishi Kageyuki’ was just a name he gave himnself when he was being assigned as a spy ten years ago. Ichika could’t believe any of this, but just then Zero speaks from the collar, and confirms that it is all true. He also adds that Kageyuki killed everyone at Yanagi’s agency, and that she should kill Kageyuki as revenge. Ichika refuses, so Kageyuki took a gun and shoved it in her hands, asking her to kill him, as if she does, Zero promises to un-collar her. Ichika confesses her love towards him, and denies once more. At this point, Zero got annoyed, and just ordered Kageyuki to kill himself. Apparently, Kageyuki is ‘programmed’ to never disobey Zero’s orders, and he has a hard time trying to ignore it. Luckily, with the power of love, he managed to not only ignore the order, but also to shoot Zero. He then tells her to escape alone, and that Yanagi & co. were actually still alive. Ichika insists on escaping with him, but he refuses, telling her that he can still be influenced by Zero’s voice and will kill her any moment. Then, Zero proves his point by ordering him once again to kill himself. Ichika is frustrated and kills Zero, but before he dies, he activates her collar, injecting poison to her, and she falls into a coma. She falls into a coma for three years while Kageyuki treats her in the hideout. She finally wakes up after three months, but has lost all her memories. Kageyuki decided to lie to her that she is his patient, and promises to take her outside once she is fully healed. Another year passed, and Ichika is finally fully healed. Kageyuki brings her to Yanagi & co’s Christmas party, where he finally tells her the truth. This triggers her to regain her memories, and they confessed their love for each other once again. Sadly, since Kageyuki is still considered a criminal, he has to go to prison. Ichika promises that she will wait for him, and they kiss for the final time before he goes and turns himself in.
I honestly thought there was a hidden happy ending for this guy, but according to everyone, that is just it! I guess we need to wait for a sequel now to see his happily ever after.

Kageyuki: Oh where do I start with this guy? He has an insane back story, which explained why he wasn’t able to get along with anyone in his workplace and Yanagi’s detective agency. It was really great seeing him transform from a ‘soulless puppet’ to a loving and caring man. That is why for me, he is the best character in the game, and he seriously deserves happiness! I mean after all he has been through he doesn’t even get a true happy ending…… Where is justice for this man?

Kotoho & Eriko: These two were just really fun characters, and they treat Ichika very well as their best friend. Their little “Anti-Shiraishi club” was adorable, and seeing them get drunk while complaining about their problems with Kageyuki was quite entertaining. Kotoho stood out to me among the two, because she wasn’t a dainty girl, she is kind of a tom-boy that is very expressive and likes to chomp on meat, haha.

Suzune & Shion: They were being labelled as ‘a murderer’s children’, and was being tossed around/frowned upon. Fortunately, they had each other and Takeuchi to keep each other company. However, they still chose the wrong path to take revenge for their mother and Takeuchi.

Overall: (12/10)
A lot of things were revealed in this route, and we are another big step towards solving the mystery of X-Day. I enjoyed Kageyuki’s postive change as well, so additional points for that.

Yanagi Aiji (The Father)


First Impressions:
He looked like the most responsible person out of all of them, and he is! I mean, he cooks, he cleans and he takes care of everyone in the agency. Everyone agrees that he is the father of the agency as well. So, my first impressions of him, the father, haha.

Normally, we begin each route from the prologue, but Aiji has his own chapter, called ‘chapter 0’, so you know he is the real deal. Besides that, instead of focusing on one single case, Aiji is in charge of investigating all the X-Day cases as a whole. This is very fitting, as his route does reveal more than the others, and his route is locked for plot reasons. Chapter 0 begins in Aiji’s point of view, and it takes place where they receive the ‘notice/warning’ letters (one at Aiji’s detective agency and one in Kageyuki’s office) that a woman (Ichika) will be killed in a church. Then the story continues the same as the others.
One day, Adonis tells Ichika that Aiji isn’t the perfect ‘husbando’ she thought he was, and that he was actually a murderer. Ichika doesn’t believe Adonis at first, but she began to have some flashbacks of a particular childhood memory of someone violently beating someone. She then found out it was actually Aiji beating up a kidnapper that kidnapped Ichika for ransom when she was very young. Aiji was also a delinquent when he was young, that was why he had violent tenancies, exceeded normal self defense, and almost killed the kidnapper. In the end, the kidnapper survived, but he was in a vegetable state since then. Aiji, being a minor at that time, got a very light sentence, and he felt very guilty ever since. He quit being a delinquent, and visited the pedophile often, as some sort of atonement. Ichika, who remembered everything, told Aiji that she is very glad that he protected her, and she thinks of him as her hero. Their get close to each other and finally starts to investigate the X-Day cases. Aiji’s goal is to find the criminal for each of the cases, and convince them to turn themselves in, as revenge is not the best way in prosecuting those who ‘sinned’. Just then, Kageyuki admits that he is a spy for Adonis and that he was the one that left the ‘notice/warnings’ letters. Takeru, being the genius hacker he is, then hacks into Kageyuki’s phone to further investigate Adonis. While he does that, they noticed that Adonis have been acting strange lately, as if there are two ‘parties’ with different objectives, and that Adonis might be crumbling apart. They then continue their search for the criminals for each case, one of them being Akito, who decided to help Ichika and Aiji, by providing them Adonis’s vital information. Then, Aiji and Ichika begin to narrow the suspect of Zero to a few men that are quite close to Ichika. With some brain-storming they are able to conclude that the real culprit is Saeki Yuzuru (Ichika’s co-worker/best friend). Just when Ichika almost fainted caused by the shocking realization that the culprit = her best friend, Saeki calls her, and invites her for a drink as always, as if he is innocent. She makes up some excuse and rejects him, since she feels she can’t face Saeki knowing all this, and it might be dangerous if Saeki was really Zero. With Kageyuki’s help, they are able to meet Mikuni Rei. He tells them that Saeki changed his mind and their organisation is falling apart. Thus, he will assist Aiji and co. to stop Saeki’s plans. Ichika then tires to talk to Saeki about this, still thinking that it might just be a big misunderstanding, or she might be able to convince him to stop. Unfortunately, Saeki turns a blind eye to whatever Ichika has to say, and kidnapped her to Adonis’s secret church-lair. Even Spiderman™ Kei who was her bodyguard was not able to catch him, as he threatened to kill Ichika by injecting poison into the collar. At the secret church-lair, Ichika asks Saeki the reason he chose her and why he wants to do all this. He tells her that she is chosen because he likes her sense of justice, so he collar-ed her to test her, and she passed when she discovered him. As for his reasons for doing all this, he claims that he is like a sponge that absorbs all the sadness in the world, and it is somehow his duty to make Japan great again. Basically, he wants to kill off all the bad guys, and only good guys can live peacefully together, creating a clean world.
In the meantime, Aiji threatens Kageyuki to bring them to the secret church-lair, so that they can rescue Ichika. With genius hacker Takeru’s help, they were able to get in easily, and rescue Ichika. Mikuni Rei tried his best to stop Saeki from his plans (that are clearly going out of hand) but failed as well. Kei managed to shoot Saeki, but the latter was still able to escape, and told them that X-Day was still going to happen. Mikuni Rei then gave them the code to unlock Ichika’s collar. Just then, Takeru yells at them to get out immediately, as the church-lair was going to self destruct. They do, and Kei got injured for covering Aiji and Ichika. He again blabbers about dying for the greater good, but Ichika shut him up, while Aiji and Mineo save him. All of them managed to escape, but Kei was injured badly and hospitalized. Mikuni Rei was arrested, and he also tells Aiji and Ichika all the knows about Saeki because he wants him to stop all this madness as wll. Apparently, Saeki’s mother was in a position where she is unable to be seen in public, so they both lived secretly together. One day, Saeki’s mother passed away, and Saeki somehow started to feel the pain others felt. He feels so much pain and suffering to the point where he snaps, and started to form a plan to ‘remove all the sadness’ from the world. It was then where Saeki meets Mikuni Rei, who had similar believes (since he thinks his father, aka the Japanese government is too corrupted, and wants to make Japan great again). Mikuni Rei takes his mother’s religious group, and turned it into a terrorist cult, aka Adonis.
Ichika and Aiji were able to trace Saeki to the church where she was collar-ed (where everything began). Saeki then tells Ichika if she wants to stop him, she would have to kill him, and that was what she said she would do if a bad guy was in front of her. Ichika rejects him, and says that she would arrest him, and let the police decide his fate, that is her ideology. Saeki then threatens to kill Aiji, so that Ichika could kill him for revenge. Basically, he just wants Ichika to nod to his ‘kill all the bad guys to make the world a better place’ ideology. Ichika tries her best to calm down, and shoots Saeki’s gun out of his hand, then the police came out of nowhere and caught Saeki red handed.
In the end, everything is solved, and Aiji & co celebrated at the agency, and Kageyuki tells them that he will turn himself in (poor guy).

Aiji: He appears to be a very mature adult that handles everything in the most mature way possible, which is why everyone turns to him when things go wrong. However, he isn’t very skilled in the romance department, and blushes like Mineo when he has intimate physical contact when Ichika. Also, his past delinquent side was very unexpected. He changed a lot! The proposal scene in the end was very sweet too, I am expecting to see a wedding in the sequel, haha.

Ichika: I decided to put Ichika here, as this is the final route, where we are able to see all sides of Ichika as a character. We are also able to know her past in detail, to better understand her. In every route, her personality is slightly changed, but there are a few things that remain the same: her sense of justice and her kind heart. She grew up in a rather rich family, where she doesn’t really get the chance to see the ugly side of the world. I guess that was why Saeki chose her, as he was sure she had the most objective view of justice. She thinks evil should be punished, but she isn’t faced with the circumstances where she thinks revenge is the only way out. Thus, she becomes this unbiased and objective person that will protect the good, and punishing the evil, by arresting them, as a police officer. You can even say that Ichika is the ‘ideal’ citizen. She also acknowledges the flaws in the justice system, but instead of giving up on it like Saeki did, she wants to change it, for the better. In short, Ichika is a very interesting character, and I liked her a lot, especially in Kageyuki’s route where she is able to make a huge impact on someone’s life.

Overall: (12/10)
The final puzzle piece finally falls into place as we see Collar x Malice as a whole, it had suspense, thriller, romance and a great conclusion. It is one of my favorite routes, but it didn’t beat Kageyuki’s route for me, since I liked how Kageyuki changed as a person, and am very excited how he will continue to blossom in the sequel.

Criminal Side


Basically, it is a retelling of how the X-Day planned out, in Saeki’s PoV, like how he recruited all the criminals. They are all mentioned in the routes themselves, and there isn’t much to add on, aside Mikuni’s and Saeki’s story.

The Prime Minister of Japan (the one in Collar x Malice, nothing to do with the real Prime Minister in Japan) is a douche that has a lot of ‘lovers’ in secret. Saeki’s mother is one of his lovers, and she was seduced by him
 as she discovered his secrets, and he needs to shut her up. She falls head over heels over him, and was eventually pregnant with his child (Saeki). They were both forced to live in a secret room, and could never see daylight. Saeki’s mother loved him because she thinks that if she has the Prime Minister’s child, he would love her, and one day they will be able to live as a happy family. Sadly, the Prime Minister never cared about them, and the mother eventually died from an incurable disease (which I suspect the Prime Minister had something to do with). Before she died, she mistook Saeki as the Prime Minister, and said some insanely harsh words like she would kill Saeki if that meant she would get the Prime Minister’s love.
After that, Saeki is technically free from the hellhole, and continued living as ‘Yuzuru’ (that was the name his mother gave him, since he couldn’t be registered, being an illegitimate child). One day, he met Mikuni who was getting sick and tired of his father, who was the Prime Minister, for being a dirty bastard. So, Mikuni and Saeki were half-brothers! They teamed up and formed Adonis, where their aim is to make Japan Great again. 

Mikuni: He was tired of his father being so dirty and secretly malicious, thus he wanted to change the world for the better. However, Saeki thinks that he is just as selfish as his father, as ultimately Mikuni’s aim was just to prove his father wrong, and not truly to build a world with just kind heart-ed people. To Saeki, he was just another pawn for him to achieve his goals, which was why he looked for Ichika, and wants her to kill him.

Saeki: Now we know why Saeki is so messed up in the head. I mean, he was born in such a crazy environment and situation, his father never acknowledged him, and his mother just pretended to love him. Man what did Saeki do to deserve all this? Even when he was free to live his own life, he couldn’t! He was still trapped in sadness and suffering, and no one was there to guide him towards the right path! With his twisted mind, the only thing he could do was try to end the suffering. Then, he met Mikuni, another person with a rather twisted mind. Thus, he did the unthinkable, and started his journey towards self destruction. I sympathize this man, and I wish he could meet Ichika sooner, maybe then things would have been different? Maybe Ichika could lead him to a bright future? 



I enjoyed this game a lot! It had a lot of elements that liked, suspense, thriller, comedy and they all mashed up really well. I especially liked how the game made you think about ‘justice’ as well. What do you think? Did you think Saeki was somehow in the right? Or did you completely disagree with him, and think he should be executed for his heinous crimes? Whatever you felt, the game made you think about it, and I think that is what made it such an amazing game!
I hope more people would give this game a go, it is actually more of a detective-case-solving game, so I am sure you will enjoy it even if you dislike the romance genre.

Again, thanks for reading till the end. I apologize for any mistakes I made, since it was a longer post, there might be more mistakes. I hope it entertained you (or at least didn’t bore you to sleep). 










otome game · review

Code:Realize Review

Before I begin, I would like to say that English is my second language, so I might make mistakes, sorry.


So, my wife recommended me this game-


I never thought I would enjoy this game, since it is a Romance-adventure game aimed towards girls/women (and I am not any of those haha). However, I was pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed it a lot. The adventures, the mysteries, the friendship, the relationship, the breath-taking artwork, the ‘dammit-I-wish-I-had-a-corgi’ corgi, the ‘hot husbandos’, all these elements created something beautiful. I will go into detail later, but first……

My Top 10(s)

TOP 10

  • Best corgi: Sissy

    Just look at it.
  • Best friend-to-have: Saint-Germain (He probably has the money to save the world from poverty, but don’t quote me on that, I am not 100% sure)
  • Best CG: The one where Barbecue (aka Impey) got wet with Sissy)
  • Best Villain: (Spoilers) Jimmy A**hat Aleister (I am almost 100% sure he is gay for Van and just wants senpai to notice him haha)
  • Best Yes-man: Honey-bee leader (aka Rempart Leonhardt)
  • Best Hairstyle-but-certainly-not-battle-friendly: Barbecue (If his plans to fly to the moon with an airship fails, he can just try to grow his hair long enough, find a way to let his hair fall gracefully to the moon and let Cardia climb it or something. Just a thought.)
  • Best costume: Queen-Bee (aka Alexandrina Victoria, very elaborate and very yellow, perfect for a queen bee)
  • Character-I-wish-could-appear-more: Sissy (Let’s be honest, you want it too)
  • Best Ending: Lupin (his story was the most complete)
  • Best ‘husbando’: Lupin (more details below)

Impey Barbicane (aka Barbecue)
based on this guy


First Impression:
Probably haven’t talked to a woman in a very long time, and is very eager to get with Cardia. Cooks great food, which is very unexpected, somehow, I thought he would be the ‘machinist-nerd’ that has no other speciality aside from machines haha.

Story: 7/10

His story was mostly him making some bad/good jokes, hitting on Cardia and being ignored, trying to get back his Thingamabob to go to the moon. It felt kind of detached to the main plot, compared to the other characters. He was Lupin’s best friend so I expected more from him, but his back story & reason he wants to go to the moon was sweet. I wonder if the next game will feature them going to the moon? Barbecue will probably carve Cardia’s and his initials on it, along with his guardian’s.


Did Barbecue’s secret identity as a vampire matter??? What purpose does it serve beside explaining why he has extraordinary powers? I mean, Van is unbeatable as well, so is he a vampire too? Also, why call them vampires when they don’t do any vampire things? They can be in sunlight, doesn’t need to suck blood and couldn’t turn into a bat. So, what is the point??? All the vampires are more human then Cardia, wtf. Also, they never explained how Barbecue was going to de-poison Cardia??? Barbecue can’t touch Cardia’s bare skin without being burned alive, let alone sexy time. Well, at least he got to kiss her once, unlike Van. (bless him)

Art (CG) 12/10

It gets the highest score, because it had a wet Sissy. (more screen time for Sissy, please.)

Character 8/10

Barbecue was a great guy, despite me making fun of him, I can see myself hanging out with a guy like him. He builds things, he cooks, he makes dumb jokes, he has a corgi, why not?

His ‘rival’ Nemo (not the Nemo from the Disney film) though, he was annoying, and his voice was unbearable. His ‘tragic’ backstory was supposed to redeem him, but it wasn’t effective on me, I still can’t stand him. If I were to meet him in real life, I will run the opposite direction.

Overall 7/10

It is not the best route in the whole game, but I still enjoyed it a lot. Barbecue’s jokes might be dumb and lame, but they are still funny. (Proof: he got Cardia in the end haha) I wished they would focus more on their relationship more, their romance feels so flat, like a typical love-at-first-sight scenario.

Victor Frankenstein
based on this guy


First Impression:
A shy boy that is secretly a pervert. He is also an alchemist that blushes when he gives Cardia a completely normal body check-up (closet pervert confirmed). Also, for me, his voice sounded like he is down with a flu or something (no offence to the voice actor and his fans).

Story 9/10

Unlike Barbecue, Victor’s story was very relevant to the plot and he could do something about Cardia’s poison, hallelujah! In short, his story was them saving England because the queen bee cracked under pressure with the whole country on her shoulders and decided it was a great idea to ‘save’ England with terrorism. In the romance department, at first, Victor only had feelings of guilt towards Cardia, since if it weren’t for him, Cardia won’t be poisonous in the first place. He felt solely responsible for it since he didn’t stop his invention from being put to bad use. But Cardia reassures him that if it weren’t for his invention, she won’t be created in the first place. Thus, Cardia is Frankenstein’s monster, I like how they kind of tried to incorporate the real Frankenstein into the game, it is interesting and funny.  I am glad they explained what Cardia was and we get some clues on Cardia’s father. He also manages to temporarily cure cardia’s poison, so they can have sexy time whenever they want, unlike some poor souls.

Art (CG) 8/10

A lot of times, he blushes, kind of cute, I guess. Also, that one CG where Cardia strips him though, that was gold haha.

Character 9/10

Victor’s shy boy character wasn’t that great for me, but seeing him and Cardia saving England, that was cool. Also, he kind of changed in the journey, and became braver, it had a lot to do with Cardia, nice to see they influence each other in a positive way.

Queen bee, I have very mixed feelings for her. I understand how the fate of an entire country lies on her shoulders, and she has to try her best to make things work, but at the same time, was it necessary?

Honey-bee leader, the ultimate ‘yes-man’. He is partly responsible for queen bee’s actions, since he was the closest to her, he should have tried to stop her before things got way out of hand. Side note, I think he has a thing for the queen bee but is too dense to realize haha.

Overall 8/10

It is quite a satisfying route, since it explains a lot of things, and the characters’ romance felt stronger, and have positive impacts on each other. I enjoyed this route a lot.

Abraham Van Helsing
based on this guy


First Impression:
His gun looks good, and he hunts vampires with it, very cool. But since he killed all the vampires, he is now after humans (like Lupin). Not related to his work, but he really wants to kill Barbecue (makes sense I guess since he is a vampire). He also loves to cook, but unfortunately he is very bad at it, and like him, his food kills.

Story 8/10

His story isn’t really related to the plot as well, but it involved his very tragic past and vampires so I enjoyed it more than I did with Barbecue’s. In short, his story was about solving the case of Jack the Ripper, dealing with the ‘last’ mini vampire and trying to track down Finis to kill him. But then he later finds out that his best friend, Jimmy A**hat Aleister was the mastermind behind everything, and the a**hole even tried to use him to as a weapon/toy. For the romance, I have very conflicted feelings since the only romantic thing they did was dancing together. But seeing Van became ‘human’ instead of a killing machine was sweet.


So, Van basically didn’t even have a chance to touch Cardia’s bare skin? Let alone a kiss. They didn’t find a cure as well, basically meaning he is cockblocked in his own route. Poor guy. Did anyone send any threat letters to this company? Haha

Art (CG) 9/10

A lot of action scene CGs, that I wish someone would animate. There is also a CG of Van’s bare bottom, great fan service.

Character 9/10

Van, he might have the most tragic backstory among all fictional characters. First, he was forced to kill innocent vampires that were also his friends because the queen bee needed to protect her country. Then, his family were killed because some sadistic psycho wants to see him go mad, then he blames it on someone else (Finis) and now his only purpose of living is to kill Finis. Lastly, he realises that the person he considers ‘his one true friend’ was the master mind all along, and he even ‘drugged’ him to kill the woman he loves. Man, tough life. +999 sympathy points for him.

Jack the Ripper, sad abused child.

Jimmy A**hat Aleister, seriously what is wrong with this guy? He thinks humans shine the best when they are dying. Are you serious? Why? How? What? Send him to a mental asylum, please. Well, he was a well written character, I will give him that.

Overall 9/10

I enjoyed the route a lot, it had more action scenes than the other routes, I kind of wish someone could animate it. Man, that will look so cool.

based on this guy


First Impression:
Is he blind or is he too elegant to open them? Also, are the metal things on his arms clocks? Isn’t it heavy? Truly a mysterious man.

Story 8/10

Remember when I mocked him not opening his eyes? I regret it, please keep them closed, because as soon as those eyes sees daylight, things go way out of hand. Hint, he tried to kill Cardia by strangling her. But he doesn’t really strangle her to death, he just stops halfway and promises to try again another day (you can break the promise, I won’t be angry I swear). It is revealed later that Saint didn’t do this on his own will, and did try his best to delay though. The guy is the second most miserable character, next to Van, so I guess we must forgive him. The true culprit is this weird know-it-all group ‘Idea’, that thinks just by getting rid all the potential threats, they can achieve world peace. Son, that is not how the world works. For the romance, I still think it is strange to want to marry a guy that wanted to kill you. But then, everything about this man is strange.


The poison. I know Saint can regenerate his skin, so they can make all the sweet love they desire, but can they not? I am sure Cardia doesn’t want to smell rotting flesh to spoil the mood overtime they touch haha. Saint might secretly be a masochistic, but I am sure Cardia isn’t sadistic.

Art (CG) 8/10

Quite a lot of action CGs as well, but the CG where Saint does the traditional Japanese ‘dogeza’ makes him look rather odd to me.

Character 8/10

Saint, he is a pretty interesting character with an intense back story. I want to know more about his pass life, his adventures. Had he really been alone all these years before meeting Lupin and friends? Did he have any friends or family in the pass that he had to leave behind because he is immortal? (besides the black plague kid, I am not sure they were even friends) Saint, truly a mystery.

Guinevere, her story was very identical to the story where the two star crossed lovers caused a war and deaths. She thinks it was all her fault and tries to repay her sins by working for ‘Idea’.

Omnibus, the stubborn old lady that thinks the world will be save if everyone follows her instructions. I am sure it might have worked for a long time, and might continue working. But what she is doing is not “prevention”, it is simply getting rid of everything that might lead to the problem. That is very irrational. I mean, what if your predictions tell you to achieve world peace you must kill all the humans? Will you follow it?

Overall 7/10

I enjoyed it, but I kind of wish Saint’s past and ‘Idea’ was explored more, it was something interesting, and I was disappointed that we didn’t get to see the ‘whole picture’. I hope Saint and Cardia would be able to change their philosophy of dealing with their predictions. They should become the advisor to ‘Idea’.

Arsene Lupin
based on this guy


First Impression:
He is the most plain one among all the characters, I mean even side characters outshine him in terms of looks. But never fear, this is all fixed by his signature cheeky personality and wacky lines. Also, he is that fictional guy created by a French writer (I should know because I am French, haha).

Story 12/10

I asked my wife, and knew this guy was the ‘canon/poster boy’, meaning he will have the best route out of the 5 guys. Yes, he did have the most complete route, so yes, it was the best route. I am not surprised since he did get to meet Cardia first. He even saved her multiple times either from the bee army or angry uneducated villagers. He really is the main here of this game haha. Also, who knew, the name of the game is the title of a terrorist plan! Wow, wasn’t expecting that. So basically his route was the “truth route” where we finally get more info for Cardia’s father, his past and his plan for revenge. I have to say, the poor guy went through a lot, and I kind of feel bad for him. (I still won’t deny his plans were just straight up insane though) We also get to know that Herlock Sholmes is actually Sherlock Holmes and Jimmy A**hat Aleister was actually James Moriarty. What a twist! Honesty, this route was full of twists and turns, it is insane, in a good way. For the romance, Lupin wins hands down, they cured the poison for good, and they got married when Van can’t even touch Cardia’s bare skin without getting burnt! (Again, bless Van, you are a sad man) Sidenote, the wedding CG was gorgeous, I should have took a photo like that with my wife during our wedding.


Now that they are married, will they be able to have children? The problem is not on Lupin, since he looks like a normal male human being (or is he), but on Cardia, since she isn’t human. Maybe Victor can work something out for them, he is a genius after all.

Art (CG) 10/10

He might look plain compared to the others, but his CGs makes him ‘pop’. Plus he had that gorgeous wedding CG, additional points for that.

Character 10/10

Lupin, he is cheeky, he is smart, he is a gentleman, what can I say, I strive to be like him haha. I like how he was always by Cardia’s side when she needed him the most too, and his words always managed to comfort her. He also treated Cardia’s request of ‘feeling warmth’ very seriously, and fulfilled that promise, knowing it might melt his face. He is the man.

Finis, he is just a misguided and mistreated child that just yearns for his father’s love and affection, it is too bad his father is too blinded with revenge to see that. I hoped he didn’t die; the kid deserves a second chance.

Isaac (the father), oh boy where do I begin? He was a loving and caring father and husband before his wife and kids were murdered due to ignorance. But after that, he became so blinded by revenge, that he didn’t even know what he wanted anymore. He claimed that he wanted vengeance for his wife and kids, but what will he get out of all this? Before dying, he murmured something about his family and how he wanted to relive those moments. Poor guy just wanted to be with his family.

Herlock Shlomes  (Sherlock Holmes),he is an interesting character that has a lot of potential, sadly he didn’t get a lot of screen time.

Jimmy A**hat (James Moriarty), now we know he is probably gay for Herlock Shlomes as well, great. He probably strives to destroy Herlock Shlomes’s life as well.

Overall 12/10

It is the best route I can ever wish for.  All the puzzle pieces came together, and it was satisfying.

Cardia Beckford


I decide to dedicate a whole paragraph for this girl, because she is that special and she deserves it.


In the beginning she was this ‘puppet’, soulless girl that didn’t care about anything, including herself. However, with the help of Lupin and friends, she begins to learn from them, skills and emotions. Seeing her change from a soulless doll to a strong independent woman actually made me extremely happy. It felt like watching my child grow. She is not a puppet, she is not a damsel in distress. She is a heroine (quite literally haha). She doesn’t wait for her happily ever after to come, this girl fights, and she gets her happy end.

The game as a whole


I cannot recommend this game enough, just because it labels itself as a Romance adventure game targeted towards women/girls, does not mean men/boys cannot enjoy it. I feel like this game has something for everyone, and everyone should give it a try if possible.

Thanks for reading till the end; I hope it was not too boring, haha.